Rough Diamonds

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Ubicada en Amberes, la división de diamantes en bruto de Taché gestiona las actividades de abastecimiento, producción, comercialización e inversión, todo lo relacionado con piedras en bruto.

Nuestros diamantes en bruto provienen principalmente de los mercados de Sudáfrica, Botswana, Angola, Canadá, Rusia, Australia y el oeste de África, pero todos se dirigen a Amberes. Allí, reciben estrictas inspecciones y clasificaciones de control de calidad. Los diamantes en bruto que ofrecemos incluyen desde "productos indios" (el término comercial para productos comerciales de gama baja) hasta productos de alta gama y cristales en una amplia gama de tamaños, colores y claridad.

Institutional supply

Rock-solid relationships with the world’s best suppliers.

Since 1975, Taché has been a DE BEERS sight-holder. Our long-standing relationship with De Beers gives us unfettered access to the world’s largest producer in terms of value.
Taché enjoys the De Beers supply through 3 different sights: De Beers International (formerly distributed in London and now relocated to Botswana (since 1975); De Beers South Africa (since 1985); De Beers Botswana (since 2012).

Alrosa accounts for 25% of the world’s rough diamond production by value and is the largest producer by volume. Thanks to our direct contractual agreement from them, we have been known as “the Russian specialists” for over thirty years. 



We’ll go to the ends of the earth to acquire rough diamonds. Quite literally.

Africa accounts for more than half of the world’s diamond production. 
Over the years we have developed a direct and indirect presence on the continent.
We continuously try to diversify our sources of rough diamonds, such as sights, off-takes and alluvial artisanal mining. 

Canada is an alternative diamond producer, and we have access to several sources there. We participate in all rough diamonds tenders from major Canadian diamond productions such as Diavik from Rio Tinto and Dominion's Diamond Corporation Ekati mine, as well as from junior miners.


A luxury product contributing to the welfare of society.

Industrial diamonds are valued mostly for their hardness and abrasive qualities which makes them the ideal material for cutting and grinding tools. In addition, they have superb thermal conductivity which makes them the ideal material for advanced specialist industrial and scientific uses.

Industrial diamonds are used in industries such as aeronautics, automotive, medical, printing and electronics, all of which manufacture products vital for everyday life.

The Industrial diamond sector was added in 2014 to Taché’s rough diamond offering. Taché’s preparing subsidiary, Taché-HSK, completed the strategic acquisition of L. M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd (est.1893), a De Beers Industrial Sightholder, and leading distributor of industrial natural diamonds.

Preparing Service

Some rough diamonds are especially challenging to prepare. How fortunate that we love a challenge.

Taché offers its clients a preparing service through its Taché-HSK subsidiary. This service provides manufacturers with ready-to-polish stones derived from challenging types of rough diamonds and offers a bit of predictability in an uncertain world in terms of production yield and quality. So that we can reliably provide a high-quality product of this kind, we established a factory in Sri Lanka over a decade ago. Today, it features state-of-the-art technology and a workforce of more than 250 highly trained employees. 

Taché-HSK’s extensive experience, exacting standards, and growing clientele around the world make us the undisputed leader in this specialized field.