Research & Development

When matters were linked to internal efficiency

Over the years Taché has predominantly concentrated its research and development efforts on its manufacturing and sales related activities. Then came the new strategy in 2015.
The primary purpose of all of Tache’s R&D products has always been to safeguard Taché’s reputation and more importantly the one of each of its clients respectively.

The start

When matters were linked to internal efficiency

Taché’s original quality control and administrative linked R&D efforts laid the foundations for what would become the 2015 strategy.
Achievements ranged from creation and manufacturing of special cuts, development of a quality control meter to development of stock management software and tracking software.

The new road

Keeping a step ahead is the new norm

With the industry increasingly facing newer and more sophisticated threats and challenges, and without the ability to rely on 100% external solutions, Tache's management team validated a revised strategy and significant budget in 2015 to provide its R&D department with every tool necessary.

In late 2015, a new team consisting of senior gemologists, engineers and analysts was set up to combat the new threats from synthetics facing the industry. The new team brings on board decades of experience in the field of gemology, a doctorate in the detection of synthetics and simulants, as well as a specialized understanding of the process of automatization.

A first milestone was reached in early 2017 with the successful completion of Taché’s groundbreaking synthetic screening machine, the T-shield.